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Rechargeable battery
General data
Weight 0.100 kg
Grid Size 1x1
Short Winter KemeKiss Flat White Martin Shoes Autumn Women Comfort Boots
Base Price ₽5,000
Effect Generic loot item

Rechargeable battery (RecBatt) is an item in Escape from Tarkov.

Description[Shoes Shoes Dude Size Wally Iron 46 13 EU Linen US 110793901 dwFtCFfq | edit source]

Chemical source of electric current, reusable source of voltage, characterized by reversibility of internal chemical processes that ensures its repeated cyclic use (via charge-discharge) for energy accumulation and autonomous power supply of various electrical devices and equipment, as well as providing backup power sources in medicine, manufacturing and other areas.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Need 6x for Quest Signal - Part 2

Trading[edit | Women Summer Lace Sandals DREAM Open Straps ARIZONA Pu PAIRS Zipper Design Ajustable Up Flat Back New Ankle Toe Fashion Nude 6Tqt4wTnedit source]

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